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BOSTON, MA, August 11, 2010 – Marginize, a spring 2010 TechStars start-up, introduces a browser add-on that augments every page on the Web with a sidebar, enabling users to engage with each other through comments and check-ins independently from the owner of the Web page. Based on the impact that this technology could have on the future of Web browsing, the new company recently received $650,000 in venture capital and angel funding.

Marginize aims to improve Web browsing by transforming it from a one-to-one experience between a visitor and a Web page, into a richer, collaborative experience. Marginize's browser add-on opens a sidebar in the right margin, where visitors can interact through comments and check-ins. By providing a solution that is implemented through the browser, Marginize turns every page into a forum, whether the owner wants to or not.

“The key motivation behind starting Marginize is freedom of expression,” said Ziad Sultan, founder, Marginize. “Today, you are able to share your thoughts or knowledge freely in your own corner of the Web via your Facebook page, Twitter account or on your blog. Marginize lets you connect with a bigger and more relevant audience -- people you don’t know yet, who are visiting the same Web sites. Whether people are interested in the same news, buying the same product, looking for reputable companies or services, etc., Marginize enables the conversation to naturally take place between these parties, even though many Web sites would rather avoid this.”

In addition to enabling comments, Marginize’s augmented Web approach gives users the ability to check-in to tell the world that they were on a given Web page at a given moment, thus building a profile that uniquely identifies their footprint on the Web. As users continue to check-in, they gain points and enrich their profiles. The most active user of a Web site earns the title of “curator” for that site.

“This concept has direct analogies to the real world,” Sultan said. “Where geo-location based applications such as Foursquare have enabled people to build a footprint of the places they physically visit, Marginize enables users to build a profile or footprint for an equally valuable space—the Web.”

Previous companies in this space were unable to generate enough content to make their tools valuable; Marginize overcomes this challenge by incorporating existing conversations surrounding that Web site from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz and invites people to build on these conversations and integrates them back to their existing social networks. This close integration allows users to receive a full picture of what is being said across the Web about any Web page they are browsing.

Easy to install, Marginize can be added to your browser for free with one click. To see how Marginize enhances users’ Web experience and to get the tool now, please visit To see what the world is saying about Marginize, just open the sidebar on

About Marginize

Marginize was enrolled in Boston’s Techstars program in the spring of 2010. Marginize powers the Augmented Web by enabling users to engage with each other through comments and check-ins on any page, independently from the owner of the Web page. Since the end of the TechStars program in June, Marginize has secured $650,000 in venture capital from some of the most prominent investors in Boston and Boulder, CO. The full list of investors including Atlas Ventures and Longworth Venture Partners is available at

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